It is easy to overspend.

Spending the money you don’t have, and that way of life will always keep you BROKE!

Is that little voice in your head saying “Spend, spend, spend”? Here’s how to silence it.

1.Postpone overnight.

When you are on the edge of a big purchase, your brain goes erratic.So when that occurs, step away, go home and sleep. This gives you time to cool down and get some perspective.

That thing will still be there tomorrow!

2. Understand your buying motivation.Why are you making this purchases? Is it something you need or want, or are you buying to make someone else happy or to please the children? Money can buy fun but not happiness.

There is nothing wrong to buy some “wants” as long as they fit within your overall financial plan.

3. Don’t buy what you don’t comprehend.This is especially true with financial products like investments and insurance and gadgets!

4.Consider opportunity cost.You are most likely to contemplate, a dozen of other things after you buy the item anyway, so you might as well ask yourself the question upfront!

5.Talk to your spouse. If you run off and make huge purchases alone, then you are only operating half of your brain. The result is rarely a blessing!

And if you single, talk to your responsible partner. The point here is to get the spending temptation outside of your own head and give others the permission to tell you if the deal is a bad idea.