Let me tell you why I do what I do:

When I was young we lived in a single story house in a small town back in Kulim. There were three kids and both my parents worked very hard to give the three of us a comfortable place to stay, eat and education.
My dad figure out that he must make his money work as hard to beat inflation and be financially independent. He saved as much as he could and did all the investing. Dad kept telling Mom she needed to be involved and he pushed her to become more involved in the investment.

I remember watching them review their statements, and when my mom couldn’t understand what 6% yield mean, he would get frustrated, almost angry. I could see my mom shutting down; he made her feel incapable of learning, just because she couldn’t learn it his way.

When I became a financial advisor I decided to focus the majority of my efforts on helping every woman who became my client become more knowledgeable about investing and feel more comfortable and confident making smart financial decisions.

That’s why I do what I do.