This comprehensive financial planning services are perfect for those looking for clarity, organization and education in their financial life. Your plan will help you identify your values, get clear on your goals, build a framework for success, and ensure that you have an accountability partner to keep you on track to a meaningful financial future.

What to Expect

  • Initial Meeting: A 60-minute meeting where we get clear on your financial goals and values, what your current financial picture looks like, and what current limitations or hurdles you are facing.
  • Plan Delivery Meeting: A 90-Minute meeting to deliver your financial planning recommendations, actions items, and prioritized “to-do” list. You’ll receive a copy of your financial plan a few days before this meeting for review.
  • 30 Day Check-In: A 60-Minute call within one month of recommendation delivery to review progress.
  • 6 Month Reviews: A 60-Minute review meeting every 6 months to measure progress, make adjustments, identify new action steps and address life changes.
  • Ongoing Access: E-mails and calls for accountability and to address changes along the way.
  • Partnered with a CFP®: Professional, friendly and encouraging advice from a CFP® who will always act in your best interest.
  • Comprehensive Financial Plan: 10-15 page financial plan complete with an itemized action checklist, an overview of your most important goals, a net worth statement, a cash flow projection, retirement projections, and recommendations in the below areas that apply.
  • Investment Advice: Investment management is available for 95 basis points. (Before we invest funds on your behalf, we will review your goals, risk tolerance, time horizon, tax considerations, income needs, and any unique needs that you might have.)

What We’ll Talk About

  • Retirement Savings and Strategies (the best account(s) for your situation and amounts to contribute)
  • Emergency and Goal Savings (this includes travel)
  • Cash Flow and Spending Management
  • Life Stages: Buying a home, getting married, having a baby, starting a business
  • Education Savings
  • Investing your nest egg – this includes your existing EPF/PRS scheme
  • Tax planning (i.e. how do we save you money)
  • Debt Repayment (Credit Cards, Student Loans, etc.)
  • Estate planning & Insurance needs
  • Rental Property Analysis

A comprehensive financial plan will ensure that you have a complete understanding of your financial picture and a strategy for how to get from where you are to the financial freedom you dream of.


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