Portfolio Risk Analysis

Prospective clients can start the process of working with me by quantifying their risk tolerances. The following tool helps me get a mathematical read on one’s ability to emotionally handle the ups and downs of markets: To start this process, answer a few questions, and hit submit.  We will be in touch with the results.If you… Read More

Reaching My Investing Goals Faster

Invest Early, Frequently and Sufficiently One of the best ways to increase your wealth is to keep saving—even when life gets expensive. Invest Early The longer you’re invested, the longer your returns compound and the faster your money grows. The chart below shows two investors who each invested RM96,000 by age 65, with one investor… Read More

How long to invest

How long to invest if I have 10 years before my retirement? If you have a decade or more before you plan to retire, you’ve got time and it’s important to use it wisely. Believe it or not, your time is just as important (if not more so) than your money. First determine what your… Read More